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Sára Termálfürdő

There are 6 outdoor and 2 indoor pools, including thermal, swimming and paddling pools, as well as recreational and play pools. Families and couples looking for relaxation, and even those seeking healing will find the wellness or spa pool best suited to them.

1 Csepp pálinka

One of the most spectacular brandy distilleries in the area. The brandy distillery was founded in 2013 and was created by the enthusiasm of the ponds for the brandy. The tradition of making brandy was combined with the most modern techniques in a family environment. In 2015, they were also awarded the title “Best brandy of Hungary”.


This is the only lace showroom in the country where you can learn lace preparaton besides the exibition, and you can purchase all of the exhibited pieces or order them!

Nádak Útján tanösvény

The Trail of the Reeds is located on the edge of Hegykő, beside of Lake Fertő. The trail is named after the characteristic plant of Fertő. Walking along the hiking trail will take you to the reed habitat, the reed beds.

Szent Mihály templom

This beautiful church is located in the heart of Hegykő. Characteristics: three-nave, single-tower, Romanesque building. In its tower are three bells (in honor of Saint Anne and Saint Michael and the soul bell). Its equipment is partly from 1901 and partly from 1908. Three statues remain of the old temple: a Baroque angel and a Madonna of the folk baroque style and Queen of the Sky. The 15th century chalice of the church is of great value.


Gravel was formerly mined near the edge of Hegykő. The site of the old mine is nowadays a six-hectare lake. The average depth of water is one and a half meters, but sometimes reaches up to 3 meters. The paradise for anglers is located in a beautiful, quiet area, 1 km from the village.

Fertőd (6km)

Eszterházy kastély

The "Versailles of Hungary", the largest and most imposing aristocratic castle in Hungary, is the most significant piece of Hungarian Baroque architecture. The building complex of Esterházy Castle in Fertőd and the exhibition on its history are the main sights of the town of Fertőd and it is one of the most important tourist attractions in Hungary. It got its present form in the second half of the 18th century, based on the ideas and plans of Miklós Esterházy (Fényes).


There are two important scenes in the cultural and intellectual life of Fertőd. One is Esterházy Castle and the other is the Music House. The building was inhabited in 1769 by Joseph Haydn, master of musical classicism and leader of the Esterházy family band.

Fertődi Szent András templom

The village church was built in 1889 and designed by Lajos Zatzka, an architect in Vienna. The building is modeled on North German Gothic churches. Its walls are made of raw brick on the outside, with a larger tower and two smaller side towers on its facade. The big tower is home to 4 bells.

Fertőrákos (16km)

Barlangszínház, kőfejtő

The boulder quarry in Fertarakos, reminiscent of Egyptian rock temples, is one of the most popular landmarks in Lake Fertő. In the spectacular, huge cave-like spaces, a cave theater has been created due to its excellent acoustics. The theater has a 760-seat auditorium, heated chairs, a spacious stage with state-of-the-art theatrical lighting and sound, and underground and ground service units. The renovated Fertőrákos Cave Theater is open for viewers from June 19, 2015, with a variety of programs throughout the year.


Europe's largest steppe lake, the shallow, predominantly reed-lined Lake Fertő, a World Heritage Site, is a popular destination for hiking. Most of the lake now belongs to Austria, but due to the permeability of the borders, the Fertő landscape forms a whole. The shallow lake heats up pretty quickly in summer, though the best beaches are all on the Austrian side, so well-equipped and well-kept.

Hajókázás a fertőtavon (20km)

On the Hungarian territory of Lake Fertő only cruise ships are possible in Fertőrákos. Scheduled ferry services to Mörbisch, Rust, Illmitz depart from the Ferry Cancer harbor several times a day. Bicycles are also available on board. The two ferry companies - the Fertő Lake Shipping Company and the Drescher Line - will be anchored in the port of Fertőrákos.

Sarród (8km)

Nemzeti Park, Kócsagvár

The Fertő-Hanság National Park is located in the northwestern part of Hungary. Its predecessor was the Fertő Lake National Park, which was created in 1991 by the reorganization of the Fertő Lake Landscape Protection Area, and was renamed in 1994 when the Hanság Landscape Protection Area was annexed. The Fertő-Hanság National Park has an area of 23,731 hectares in Hungary, while the Austrian Neusiedler See - Seewinkel National Park has 10,500 hectares, the management of the national park is in Sarród, Kócsagvár, and the Austrian park is in Illmic.


Located in Szeder Street, next to the Sarród Cemetery, there is a brick country House refurbished in the 2005-2006 from a farmhouse built in 1930s. When designing the country House, it was important not only to add a `showcase 'house to the village, but also to make the a suitable venue for community-based programs.

Fertői kenu túra

On the west side of the Fertő we can see the wildlife of the reeds, canals and the inner lakes enclosed in the reed during an adventurous 6 km long canoe tour. The route traverses the contiguous, dense reed canal of Fertő, bringing the visitor into an almost undisturbed world, between the Csárdakapui Canal and Kláder Lake, where many spectacular await the attentive observer.

Nagycenk (8km)

Széchenyi Kastélymúzeum

12 km from Sopron, in the middle of a beautiful Baroque park, Nagycenk's most famous tourist attraction is Széchenyi Castle. The collection of the memorial museum is the largest in the country, which commemorates a historical person. You can see the life and work of Count István Széchenyi in the castle

Széchenyi Múzeumvasút

The Széchenyi Museum Railway was built in 1972 at the initiative of the Győr-Sopron-Ebenfurt Railway Co. near the Széchenyi Castle in Nagycenk. The railway is operated by GYSEV Zrt. Between Nagycenk and Fertőboz, and the service is provided by children's railroads. Although the museum rail line is only 3,600 meters long, it is very popular with both "young and adult" railroad lovers.

Ausztria (20-30km)

Fraknó vára

Fraknó Castle (Burg Forchtenstein) is a symbol of Burgenland. Built on a high dolomite cliff on the eastern tip of the Rosalie Mountains. The unique location of the castle and the magnificent panorama of the castle walls make it an unforgettable sight in the region due to its spectacular panorama. Today the castle is home to four exhibitions, meeting rooms and a popular restaurant.

Kismartoni Eszertházy kastély

The Esterházy Palace in Eisenstadt, one of Austria's most beautiful Baroque palaces, offers a fascinating insight into the once magnificent life of the Esterházy Princes. With its authentic atmosphere and exquisite acoustics, the Haydn Hall is still at the heart of cultural events, with concerts, festivities and high-quality exhibitions. .

Mesepark, Familypark - Marchenpark Neusiedlersee

Located in the heart of Ruster Hügelland, just a few kilometers from Lake Neusiedl and the town of Rust, the Familypark offers relaxation for all ages on 145,000 square feet. All four thematic sections of the park, the Adventure Castle, the Fairytale Forest, the Village Farm and the Adventure Island, all offer a varied and entertaining pastime with Filippo the cat, the park's always cheerful mascot.


Almost every building in downtown Rust (Rust), which is on the western shore of the lake and enjoys a World Heritage Site, is a historic site as part of the Fertő landscape. The most beautiful settlement of Lake Neusiedl, the smallest free royal town in historic Hungary. Rust, the city of grapes and wine, has always been loud and charming since the storks live here

Lutzmannsburgi Sonnentherme Élményfürdő

The adventure sections at the Sonnentherme adventure bath guarantee not only relaxation but also entertainment at the highest level. Sunny Bunny, the bath's own mascot, is responsible for the glamorous fun. Over 800 meters of slide experience. Whether it's Quaxi or Monster slide, the boundless slide experience impresses both adults and childes. The biggest attraction, however, is the 270-meter long XXL Monster Ride, Austria's longest indoor slide.

Sztyepp Vadaspark

At the Pamhagen Steppe Wildlife Park, visitors can see animals in the area in close proximity. In addition to fallow deer, wolves, lynx, mangalica pigs and racka sheep, you can also admire a pair of kangaroos. The park has 50 animal species in about 13 hectares . Shade trees make for a refreshing hike on a hot summer day.